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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Billy Ray Cyrus Needs to Grow a Pair and YOU have to Parent Your Own Kids

The story that’s making all the headlines today has Grandma all worked up again about parental responsibilities and role models. So, how does the story about Billy Ray Cyrus blaming the hit show Hannah Montana, starring his talented daughter Miley Cyrus, for ruining his family life play into it?

Grandma has stated time and time again that parents should act as their own role models for their kids and not expect sports stars or movie and TV personalities to set the example. As a parent, it’s your responsibility and your responsibility alone to portray the values you want your child to base their lives on.

Grandma is upset that Billy Ray is trying to wimp out of responsibility for the problems in his life by pointing the finger. Theresa Leschmann presents the case very nicely in her article  "Billy Ray Cyrus Blames “Hannah Montana” for Ruining His Family” and Grandma encourages you to read it.

Why does Billy Ray feel he has to justify his parenting skills to anyone anyway?

Miley Cyrus is all grown up. In grandma’s opinion, she’s grown up well compared to a lot of other young celebrities we’ve read about in the news. But now, papa Billy Ray is getting a divorce, has been chided for parenting mistakes he may have made during the past few years, and is pointing his finger at the hit show Hannah Montana for his ills.

Grow a pair, Billy Ray. Your daughter was spotted smoking salvia from a bong and irate parents blamed you because they expect your daughter to be a role model for their young child.

Kids grow up. Your daughter is no different.  It’s only natural that she would want to be portrayed as a young adult during those years that the show kept her character a ‘tween idol. Grandma doesn't agree with a lot of the choices you made, but, I guess it's none of my business. I'm not her parent. Nor yours.

Own up to your own mistakes, but don’t deflect blame that shouldn’t be hurled at you in the first place. Pay attention to your own family.

Grandma rambled a bit here. Hard to believe Hannah Montana caused such a big problem with her day.

Before you comment, that was meant as sarcasm.