In civilizations long since past, the aging female was looked upon with respect. The oldest in the community was often called the wise woman, crone, healer, witch or just mother.

Personally, I like the term crone. I want to be a Crone.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Can't Keep Quiet Anymore

Grandma has been busy for a few years, and just hasn't had the time to poke her nose in your business. But the state of the world today has me sputtering in my tea. People! What are you doing?

I didn't do a good job keeping my mouth shut during the sham of the presidential campaign. But, really, I thought Trump was just a sillier Sarah Palin and enjoyed the circus, exercising my sarcastic skills on social media. Emails? Really? While the comedian is bragging about his relationship with Russia and inviting them to hack Hillary's email? Praising WikiLeaks?

I had all my snacks prepared to enjoy the election results. It was going to be the best evening of the year. Shrimp, egg roll, cheese and crackers, wine, popcorn.

It was a shock when things went south that night, and things haven't changed direction yet.

During the transition, I was sure that somehow, someone would step in and save us from ourselves, calling the election a sham and somehow call a do over. Didn't happen.

I really thought the rumors of Russia and his aides and cabinet picks would cause some consternation, but if the association of his main advisers with the alt right didn't raise eyebrows, why would this. If it wasn't so sad it would have been funny watching the GOP contort themselves in defense of these friendships.

Then, of course, it was alternative facts. And facts they don't believe. Then the leaks. And the announcement that the administration didn't trust the intelligence. Good job making an enemy of the intelligence agencies. It's probably the thing that will save us if we only move fast enough.

But now, somebody better do something quick, because shit just got even scarier.